About Us


Diagnosed with acute ‘burger on the brain’ from an early age, Niaz had an epiphany whilst taking the last bite of yet another average burger from what was then his local burger joint in Sydney (may it now R.I.P).

Enough was enough!
His obsession/mission in life was to develop the ultimate burger shop he had always dreamt of!

Atfer 10 years in the “Gourmet Burger Business” running his own business and consulting for others, the legacy continues…

Unhappy with the original “Frankenstein” he had created all those years ago in Newtown, it was time to take the gloves off and start from scratch. The goal was to make it all about the food and focus on consistent quality,service and better value. To be “famous” means nothing if you can’t deliver the goods each time a customer enters and leaves the store.

Burgercrave is all about delivering the freshest, tastiest and best value for money food…every time. No shortcuts and no compromise.

We invite you to come into our first store in Bondi Junction to judge for yourself!